Frequently Asked Questions

SBT doesn't perform credit checks or require cash deposits to open new accounts. We only charge a $200 setup fee plus your first month of service at the time of install.

All SBT services are month to month. No long term contract periods, cancel with a 30 day notice. Simple.

SBT connects you to high-speed fiber internet using advanced multipoint wireless technology. This allows us to cover remote areas where high-speed internet isn't normally available.

SBT's internet is transported by high-speed fiber to our offices, we then connect you to that fiber with advanced multipoint wireless technology.

SBT provides all the equipment you'll need at the time of install. This includes a wireless radio on your roof (to connect you to high-speed fiber) and a router in your home to get all your devices online.

Most landlords are familiar with our system; check with yours to be sure. The radio mounted on the roof is smaller than a satellite TV dish (16"diameter). 

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