Five Reasons to Choose SBT Internet

Reliable service

Always on; unlimited connection

No annual contract; you can cancel at any time

Professional, knowledgeable installation

Locally owned and family run business since 2002


Whether streaming HD video, gaming, or just updating your social media, SBT provides fast and reliable internet service for your home at an affordable rate. One can easily pay for our internet by disconnecting that home phone line that is no longer needed! Sign up today for the internet that is on all the time.



In today's business world, companies need fast and reliable internet to stay connected and increase productivity. SBT offers a high-speed connection specially tuned to your business' needs. With internet that's on all the time, one can easily log into their work computers or monitor their security system remotely from home or on the road.

Wireless Plans


starting at $45/month


starting at $90/month


starting at $180/month