Why Choose Us

  • High Speed Internet at 8 mb/s and Faster!
  • High Speed Internet, Faster Than DSL
  • Stay Connected All the Time for Just $45 Per Month
  • No Phone Line Needed!
  • Installation & Equipment starting at $150
  • Local Service, 24/7
  • No Other Hidden Charges
  • Unlimited Usage

Our Wireless Plans



$45 - 8 megabits per second
4 Mbps download & 4 Mbps upload: ideal for streaming HD video, video chat and gaming on more than one device at a time

$55 - 10 megabits per second
5 Mbps download & 5 Mbps upload: ideal for all of the above on multiple devices at a time

$65 - 12 megabits per second
6 Mbps download & 6 Mbps upload: enjoy the best quality HD video and speed on several devices at a time

$75 - 14 megabits per second
7 Mbps download & 7 Mbps upload: enjoy the best quality HD video and speed on several devices at a time


Our business customers have better connections with decreased latency due to higher quality equipment installed on site. Business traffic is also given higher priority over standard system traffic, further improving response time for video conferencing and VOIP applications. All business packages also include free on site support.

  • $90 - 8 megabits per second
  • $100 -10 megabits per second
  • $110 - 12 megabits per second
  • $120 - 20 megabits per second
  • $160 - 24 megabits per second
  • $180 - 28 megabits per second

We can accommodate custom connection speeds above our standard packages to meet your specific business needs; please contact us for rates.



All dedicated connections will be individually quoted based on the specific needs of each connection. This rate is to be used as a guide only. Please contact us with the location and needs of your site for specific rates.