What SBT is responsible for as your internet service provider:

  • We will fix or replace anything related to these items free of charge
  • The equipment on your roof, which consists of a radio,
  • The cable that has been run from your roof into your home
  • The power supply for your radio, attached to the end of the before mentioned cable.
  • The internet: if your internet is not working, we will make sure that there is an adequate signal reaching the radio on your roof.

What SBT is not responsible for:

  • Your router: This is your equipment and you are responsible for its service. If your router is not functioning the internet will not be broadcast to your wireless devices.
  • We will help you determine if your problem is related to the internet or your router. If you need help programming your router you can follow the instructions provided by the router manufacturer or call them. We are happy to come to your home to program your router, however, you will be charged a $30 fee. (We do not keep a record of your Wi-Fi password.)
  • Your computer: If you have a virus or need maintenance done on your computer, it can make your computer and therefore your internet, slow. We are not responsible for fixing computer related problems. If you need help maintaining your computer there are a number of qualified technicians and businesses in Vernal that provide this service.
  • Home Networking: We are not responsible for connecting laptops, wireless printers, tablets, phones or game consoles to the internet. These devices come with guides to walk you through the process.

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