What SBT is responsible for as your internet service provider:

  • We will fix or replace anything related to these items free of charge
  • The equipment on your roof, which consists of a radio and mount
  • The cable that has been run from your roof into your home
  • The power supply for your radio, located inside your home
  • SBT owned router: if you received a router from us with an SBT sticker on it
  • The internet: if your internet is not working, we will make sure your equipment is working properly

What SBT is not responsible for:

  • Customer owned router: if you’re using your own router, it’s up to you to figure out your wifi password and take care of any problems with it you may have
  • Your computer: If you have a virus or need maintenance done on your computer, it can make your computer and therefore your internet, slow or not work at all
  • Home Networking: We are not responsible for connecting laptops, wireless printers, kindles, or game consoles to the internet. These devices come with guides to walk you through the process

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